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What Makes a Bespoke Suit So Special

  While we live in a world of seemingly limitless options, especially when it comes to clothing, nothing is ever perfect directly off the rack. Close might be fine for most people or for certain types of clothing, but when it comes to your suits, close is miles away from being good enough. A bespoke…

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Get the Perfect Suit Your LGBTQ+ Wedding

Art Lewin Bespoke Suits in Los Angeles is the ultimate choice for women’s wedding suits. We have created countless suits for women for their wedding day, and are proud to create wedding suits custom for each and every client. Come into one of our stores today for your consultation, and we’ll guide you through all…

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A History of Men’s Fashion in America Part I: The Early Years

The history of fashion is a long, deeply fascinating story. The story begins all the way back in Neolithic times when humans first started dawning clothes. Back then, we can reasonably speculate that style was largely determined by practicality and availability of resources, and secondarily by ritual or social-hierarchical factors. Men’s fashion stayed relatively stable…

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The Style And Fit Of Men’s Bespoke Trousers

From pleats and pockets to collars and cuffs, men’s bespoke suits can be customized in all ways possible to fit your unique size and shape. When it comes to comfort, the whole silhouette, and style credentials, the trousers are the ones doing all the legwork. Keep reading for the low down, skinny, and straight-up story…

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Tips for Buying a Bespoke Suit

​ A suit can be a great way to put your best foot forward. When you need to look your best, though, you may not want to opt for a suit off the rack at a chain store. Instead, it may be wise to contact a local tailor for the suit that’s perfect for you.…

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