A Beginner’s Guide to Men’s Fashion and Style: Part One

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Whether you’re taking the first steps to becoming a more fashionable man, or you realized that your look could use some updating, this series of blog entries is perfect for you. We will start with a basic overview of men’s fashion, including some discussion of custom bespoke suits (our favorite!), then work our way through everything else that makes or breaks a look.

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What is Fashion?

When many people hear the word “fashion,” they picture models on a catwalk. However, fashion is much more simple, and far more complicated, than just its institutions — designers, stylists, and the press dedicated to following the newest styles.

Simply put, fashion is a collection of everything popular that a culture is offering up at any given moment, especially in regards to clothing, hairstyles, footwear, makeup, and other factors.

What is Style?

It’s fairly common for people to use style and fashion interchangeably, but they are quite different. Whereas fashion generally refers to a larger, cultural aesthetic, style is more individualized and less reliant on trends and influence from the culture at large. In fact, what may make someone stylish is their rejection or inversion of what is fashionable.

Do I Need to Be Fashionable?

This is a question that only you can really answer. Being fashionable can certainly be exciting — following what the large design houses and the best designers are doing is almost always interesting, but it comes with several drawbacks.

First, staying up-to-date with the latest fashions can be incredibly expensive. There is nothing wrong with spending money on good clothing — not only will good clothing look great, but it also tends to last — but with fashion constantly in flux, you may only be able to wear something a few times before it feels out of date.

Second, being fashionable is essentially at odds with being stylish. While many fashionable people appear to be stylish, it is only because they are falling in line with what the culture is saying looks good. Following what others do all the time doesn’t allow for one to create a look that is wholly their own.

How to Be Stylish

Luckily, you can look great without having to chase trends or look like you are hopelessly out of touch with just a few pieces of clothing. Below is a list of a few items that are always going to be stylish:

  • A nice suit
  • Nice shoes
  • The right accessories
    • Watches
    • Belts
    • Pocket squares

Sounds pretty manageable, right? It is, especially when you trust Art Lewin for all of your bespoke suits. The skilled tailors at our shop can help you better define your style with one of our incredible suits. There is no substitute for a suit made just for you, so contact us today to learn more about our suits!

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