Bespoke clothes take over as the real fashion luxury

By:Karen Kay from the

“As the month-long circus of designer catwalk shows drew to an end last week, and the world’s boutique buyers closed their order books with the big fashion houses of New York, London, Milan and Paris, a quiet revolution has been taking place among the style cognoscenti, who have been placing their own advance orders for their wardrobes.
The smart money is being placed on a more discerning way of buying clothes, with bespoke garments rapidly becoming the most coveted pieces. “We see so many women who have access to premium merchandise, but clients are getting more demanding and want a personal connection with their purchases,” says Judd Crane, director of womenswear at Selfridges. In a homogenised world, where we can order Burberry’s and Topshop’s latest collections as we watch a live stream of their runway shows, and every capital city features the same glass-fronted, glossy temples to expensive designer brands, this is the antithesis of the marketing and hype surrounding what we traditionally know as luxury labels.”

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