Five Must own Bespoke Suits by Art Lewin.

If you get them right, these five suits will last the rest of your life. There’s nothing better than stepping into a well-cut suit. It will give you that much more style, & flair, it’ll help you walk taller, and if you get it right—it will even make you feel more confident and ready to take on the world.

1. The All-Season Navy Wool Suit
This is the workhorse type suit. It’ll get you through everything from interviews, to out in the town, plus, navy looks great on everyone. Choose a breathable wool that’s not too heavy, and it’ll carry you through all but the coldest winter nights and swampiest summer days. Choose a single-breasted, with a two-button closure, and dress it up or down as you please. Just don’t ever button the bottom button.

2. Summer Khaki Cotton Suit
Nothing says warm California weather like a crisp cotton suit. Tan and/or Khaki’s is the classic color here, for a great reason. It’s perfect for and office environment and has enough of an edge to pull double-duty on weekends. In Los Angeles combined it with a checkered shirt and pair it up with a pair of white canvas sneakers (no socks, of course) to show everyone that you’re dressing up because you want to, not because you have to.

3. The Double-Breasted Suit
There’s no better way to prove you’re dapper than by rocking a double-breasted suit. Gone are the boxy cuts of the old days, replaced by a style that’s trimmer, more comfortable, stripped of its padding, and designed to hug your shoulders, not swallow them. It’s still a power move, though, so if you feel like going for, say, an understated Prince of Wales check, we’re not going to stop you.

4. The Grey Flannel Suit
Once the standards of suffering American salary-man, the grey flannel suit is now a bit more rebellious, with much more flair, and still totally versatile. Look for a medium gray color, throw on a white shirt with a black woven silk tie, and you’ve got a perfect nine-to-five look. The grey flannel suit is about freedom now, which is why this grey flannel suit it’s better than ever.

5. The Tuxedo
Skip the rentals and invest in a well made tux instead. It’s an investment! You’ll be investing in a better looking you. You’ll wear it for years to come, so make sure to get something that’s timeless & classic. Black is a solid bet, but today midnight blue is great for men who want something different. Do the peak lapels, avoid satin shoes, make sure it’s a two button, and you’re golden.

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