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“We are not a simple company. Our customers have the highest expectations in the world, “states Art Lewin of Art Lewin Bespoke LLC, who for more than 28 years has suited up some of the most successful and powerful entrepreneurs and business people in the world. His exclusive custom-made and ready-to-wear designs are seen on clients from the international corporate world to Hollywood Red Carpet events.

The globally recognized tailored style and detailed suits & shirts of Art Lewin Bespoke fashions remain classic, timeless and elegant. Some of his loyal clients include royal family members, Hugh Hefner, Sylvester Stallone, Frank Stallone, Robert Wagner, Michael Clarke Duncan, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews, Ernie Hudson, Steve Allen, Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson, Lou Ferrigno, Bill Maher, William Landau, Antonio Sabato Jr, Jon Voight, Elliott Gould, Sofia Milos, Oscar De La Hoya, including one of the most watch commercials suiting up William Shatner in Priceline. “The most exciting day in my life as a designer happened when I met Hugh Hefner. Working with him has been great blessing.” From their first meeting in 1999 until today, Art Lewin has designed his black trousers and his pink, blue, red & yellow custom shirts with white collars & cuffs.

“Our clients come from around the world. These men and women come to me and tell me about their busy lives and schedules. I design a wardrobe to fit their needs.” Art says he gets excited to meet new clients and learn about all facets of their lives. “I want to understand their minds, how they think, and what they believe in. I provide them with fantastic suits and shirts I design just for them.

Art understands the increasing needs of today’s working people who go from corporate meetings to evening events, without a chance to go home, and they can do this by mixing and matching pieces from his collection. “Every minute of their day is accounted for. They love my luxurious tuxedos, suits and shirts because they easily make the transition from a corporate meeting to an evening out on the town without a pause.” Art prides himself in using the finest fabrics available from the best European mills. Sumptuous and soft, 100% imported luxurious cloths that makes all of our garments breathes easily.

“It’s an enormous amount of dedicate, non-stop work being a designer. Getting to the top, and staying there requires extreme determination. Our clients in the corporate world want an elegant look that brands them as high-profile, confident and successful. There is no reason they can’t be elegantly dressed while they climb the corporate ladder.” Being a successful CEO himself, Art knows the work and determination needed to do well in a competitive industry. As a little boy growing up in Chile, his dream was that one day he would be a successful entrepreneur and it happened to be in fashion. At the age of 22, he was introduced into the bespoke world and began acquiring high profile clients. Instantly, Art knew that he found his calling. “He says that he creates designs, plans his goals – in the middle of the night while I dream!” After immigrating to the United States, he started working at age 12. But, things did not come easy. Through hard work and determination, Art found early success in a custom clothing company in 1989. And, in 1997, at age 29, he opened his first location in Woodland Hills. “This has been an amazing journey for me.” Art’s creative vision and eye for detail revolutionized the way the world looks and feels about men & women in power. Through his designs he instills confidence, creates success and inspires greatness. This is due, in part, to the extreme detail that allows Art’s design to fit perfectly. If you want a one-of-a-kind, measured-to-fit look, you have to come to me.” Art has been called “The country’s premier bespoke custom tailor” by American Express, “The Guru of Bespoke Suits” by MyFoxLA. After 28 years of experience, Art Lewin continues to refine his classics and elegant look. “Clark Gable was one of my big inspirations. His look was youthful, cutting edge, elegant and sophisticated. I take this inspiration into the modern world.” As more and more men and women find success in the corporate world, Art Lewin is busier than ever. “I’m so happy men and women are rising to the top! I will be there for them,” he says with a gleam in his eye.

Has it been a smooth road?
Oh wow… it’s never a smooth road.

Working very long hours at the beginning, barely seeing my kids or wife lead to a divorce in 2002. A bankruptcy in 2005 and in 2007 losing 60% of my business during the economic crash. My clients losing their home & jobs… my high end suits were put in the back burner for a few years. And, it hurt us really bad. In 2009, were -created ourselves and today we are one of the largest custom clothiers in the country.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Art Lewin is the Owner & Creative Director of Executive Clothiers, one of the nation’s premier Custom Clothiers.

Art is considered one of the leading experts on Direct Marketing, Corporate Image Consulting and the Leading Custom Clothier to California’s most prominent Corporate Stars to some of Hollywood’s movie stars.

Art has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, CNN, Esquire, GQ, MyFox 11, Wall Street Journal, Hispanic Business Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Los Angeles Business Journal, CSQ, American Express, INC Magazine, Club Corp Magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle, Hollywood Reporter, Confidential Magazine and numerous other publications, Radio & TV.

Today, Art Lewin Bespoke Clothiers is the leading custom clothier in the country. We plan, coordinate & maintain your wardrobe so you are perfectly attired for any occasion. For over two decades, we have catered to corporate stars & to some of Hollywood’s movie stars and many other industry titans. As a second-generation clothier, Mr. Lewin says that our clients tell us that our workmanship, knowledge, attention to detail & service makes it readily apparent why we have been able to establish such a loyal following. With an impressive 94% retention rate.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I feel that any metropolitan city like Los Angeles is an awesome opportunity for any new business to start. I have helped 6 of my friends start a clothing business here in Los Angeles.

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