How Important is Style in Business?

How Important is Style in Business_ Featured Image


by Art Lewin

A stylish presentation is an important part of an impeccable brand. Your style say’s who you are and how you apply yourself. If you’re sloppy or give the appearance that you don’t care, then it will be difficult to get people to take your serious or trust you.

On the flip-side it’s important to look appropriate for your environment. People need to identify with you, so be the best in the room and the best for the room. It will pay off in attaining and maintaining great business relationships.

It’s always important to see how the TOP producers dress up in your field. Whether, be business casual or suited up to the nine’s… Then you should mimic what TOP producers wear for business. It’s obvious they are TOP producers for a reason. Ask them if you can go for a ride along for a day to learn their habits, their presence and their demeanor.

I hope this little bit of insight to dressing the part will help you get ahead in your field. For more information about dressing for success please contact us at or call 800-994-SUIT.

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